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Imagine a world where your online interactions hold real value, where every member of your network contributes to a decentralized economy of social finance. UxUy makes this a reality by introducing a new economy in the Web3

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What Is UxUy?

The social graph protocol is to protect, monetize, and optimize users’ social assets.

With UXUY, users can truly own their real-world connections and data “on-chain”, enjoy seamless web experiences, and maximize their social assets. The UXUY protocol utilizes the “UXUY Token” as the incentive and utility token, via POL (Proof Of Link) mechanism to record users’ contributions. The earlier contributor enjoys higher token rewards.


Web2 Social Account Log-in

Create web3 accounts simply by your existing social accounts like Google, Twitter, WeChat,etc. With an encrypted MPC wallet, you can experience web3 applications worry-free and hassle-free.

UXUY Profile

UXUY Profile by UXUY protocol, turn your real-life social networks into web3.

Composable Plug-and-Play

Composable Plug-and-Play. UXUY protocol can be combined into any Web3 applications, as information storage and usage standards.

Multi-Chain Support

Multi-Chain Support. UXUY Protocol starts from Arbitrum and will continue to launch on other chains going forward.

Current Tokenomics

Our Foundation, Our Future. Introducing Our First Token

*Token Name: UXUY

*Contract Address: 0x336227f062d20B322d81B13dfD033591850290f9

*Arbitrum (ETH)

Listed On Uniswap

* Token Name: UPUXUY

*Contract Address: 0xFC83441011E194f493abab9887Fe0A65B7b980d6

*Arbitrum (ETH)


Your Ideas, Our Destination! Here Is Our Chart Going Forward.  Together We Can Achieve The Social Freedom We Believe In

PHASE1. Alpha

Version First step on the moon

Open and Trusted Social Graph Protocol drafted and released

Lite paper released

Four year roadmap released

Token Economics drafted and released

First DAPP based on the UXUY protocol released

Defining POL (Proof Of Link)

Defining the easiest portal for Web2 users to access Web3 - By UXUY DAPP invitation

Seed community building and first OG certifications

Version Victoria, Hong Kong

MPC wallet launch

Core community building and second batch of OG certification

Official Website, Official Twitter and TG service released

Version Himalaya, Tibet

DID Service Release

Profile service released (for all social channels)

SBT/NFT launch

ZK service release

Core Community Building and 3rd OG Certification

PHASE2. Beta

Version Miami, USA

SDK for developers released

Construction of multiple socialization scenarios based on UXUY protocol

App token goes live on DEX

Developer Community Building

Improving community governance and 4th OG certification

Version Sentosa, Singapore

supporting a multi-chain ecosystem

More than 100 partners

Over 5 million users

Governance token launched and live on CEX

Official announcement by foundations, community and investment institutions

Last batch of OG certifications

PHASE3. Official

The best portal from WEB2 to WEB3

Leading 30 million users from Web2 to Web3

Becoming the most valuable and trusted social graph protocol in the Web 3.0 world

Over 1000 eco-partners

Governance tokens live on all major CEXs

Application tokens live on all major CEXs

What's New?

Introducing $UPUXUY: The Latest Coin Listing on Uniswap

Exciting Updates At UxUy: Elevating Your Experience

UxUy Website Design Competition

UxUy Spider Pass

Integration Partners


No, UXUY tokens have upper limits. The tokens generation will decrease exponentially as the number of people in the UXUY network increases over time. When the number of people in the UXUY network reaches 30 million (the number of Bitcoin holding addresses), the current model will stop.

UXUY tokens are the utility token of the ecosystem and rewards for monetizing social relationships. In addition, the total supply per users will be very limited based on our economics.

Two ways to earn UXUY tokens: (1) link to earn; (2) Purchase the tokens;

Become a builder to the ecosystem, invite users to the system, and invest in the community by trading the tokens.

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