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Fx Primus
Written by Tawhid Aderinto

Are you wondering whether FX Primus is legit or not? Do well to read this unbiased review of the trading platform.

FX Primus was established in 2009 and has grown to be a well-known trading broker on a global scale with locations in Europe, Asia, and Dubai. Fx Primus operates in more than 120 countries and has over 250 000 customer accounts.

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Financial trading broker Fx Primus provides access to forex, equities, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies on a number of popular trading platforms. In our review today, you will find out some essential facts about Fx Primus to see if it is best for you to look at the standouts and the setbacks of the platform in subsequent headings.

Overview Of Fx Primus

Fx Primus provides safety assurance through a number of programs, including negative balance protection, segregated accounts, top-tier cash flow, third-party surveillance, and general liability insurance of €2.5 million.

FX Primus has been in existence for over 12 years.

Regarding the fundamental terms of forex trading, Fx Primus offers a spread starting at 0.1 pip and a minimum trade size of 0.01 lot. The trading instruments cover most of the frequently traded assets on the financial market supported by Fx Primus, starting with the key currency pairs, stocks, indices, energy, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, Fx Primus provides you with various trading options, including Forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. Keep in mind that various trading conditions apply to different instruments. In this situation, you must ensure that your plan complements the selected instrument.

This broker also provides premium services in addition to the FX demo account. You might also want to consider leverage and the minimum deposit while managing your trading account. Leverage is a term used to describe various financial instruments, and Fx Primus offers a maximum leverage of 1:500.

As regards the flexibility of Fx Primus, the platform is flexible enough to offer a variety of trading accounts; however, we could not find details about each account’s trading requirements.

How Does Fx Primus Work

As an Fx Primus broker, you can trade as little as 0.01 lots and up to 80 lots at once. However, this depends on the type of account you open and may not apply to all accounts. FXPrimus offers both ECN and STP execution, enabling you to anticipate extraordinarily tight spreads. There is enhanced transparency on the cost of executing your transactions, so you should not worry about hidden fees.

The two market execution accounts further allow you to enjoy larger minimum deposits, narrower spreads, and a commission per lot traded. FXPrimus also offers two commission-free immediate execution accounts with low minimum funds but broad spreads. You must know that even though Fx Primus has three portals, not all these accounts are accessible to everyone.

The spread and commission fees related to each account are not published by Fx Primus, and hence, we cannot tell you how the fee structure for them works.

Nevertheless, Fx Primus’s accounts were evaluated to contrast the expenses with those of other brokers. This was based on the spread and commission for one lot of trading on the EUR/USD as displayed on its accounts page. The fees were found to be quite affordable. We will delve into the breakdown in one of the subsequent paragraphs.

User Interface

The looks of the app.

Fx Primus has downloadable mobile apps for MT4, MT5, and cTrader from are compatible with Apple and Android devices. Nearly all of the functionalities included in the desktop site of the platform are present in the applications.

Additionally, they are completely connected, allowing you to view all of your transactions and deposits made on your desktop terminal on the corresponding mobile app.

Fx Primus offers superior support for mobile trading platforms compared to other brokers of a similar nature. The three trading platforms Fx Primus offers can be accessed on tablets and mobile devices running iOS and Android. Amateur traders should be aware that mobile trading platforms have less capability than desktop trading platforms, including fewer charting options and shorter periods.

Trades can be closed and modified on the go with the MT4 and MT5 mobile apps, including tick chart trading and real-time profit and loss calculations. The full complement of order types, transaction analysis, and watchlists are all included in the cTrader mobile app’s feature set, which rivals that of the desktop version.

Overall, the mobile apps from FXPrimus are user-friendly, well-designed, and provide the majority of the capabilities seen on the desktop counterparts. Securities are safe to trade with Fx Primus, although Fx Primus’ regulation is not as strict as other brokers. It separates client funds from its operating capital and offers negative balance protection to its consumers.

Customers from Nigeria should trade through Fx Primus’ Vanuatu-based firm, which has less regulatory scrutiny than regulators in the UK or Australia. However, do not forget the platform still maintains regulation from CySEC in Cyprus.

The Fx Primus server is HTTPS secure, which means that possible hackers wanting to gain your name, address, and bank information, along with other details, are prevented from accessing your personal data. At the login step, both MT4 and MT5 provide two-factor authentication. Isn’t that great?

Since the broker also separates client funds from the firm’s capital, so the event of bankruptcy is minimal. Regular audits of Fx Primus also give another level of assurance. On this basis, we consider Fx Primus a safe broker for clients to trade with.

FeesVariable spreads and commissions are the primary sources of income for Fx Primus. With no commissions on the Cent and Classic accounts, spreads begin at 1.5 pips. With the Pro account, spreads are reduced to 0.3 pips, along with a $10 commission on MT4 and an $8 commission on MT5. Fx Primus Zero, the company’s ECN trading service, provides zero-pip spreads with a $5 charge.

It is important to note that Fx Primus is upfront about its fees and does not impose any surprises. The company’s advanced accounts also offer a trading environment that is exceptionally competitive compared to rivals.

Fx Primus provides bank wire, local transfers, credit cards, and e-wallet alternatives as deposit methods. There are no deposit fees, and the minimum withdrawal requirement is fixed at $100 USD. Fx Primus does not accept third-party payments since it prioritises the withdrawals or refunds back to the original deposit source, which is processed within 24 to 48 hours.


1. What is Fx Primus?

Fx Primus is a financial trading broker that provides access to forex, equities, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies on a number of popular trading platforms.

2. Can I trust Fx Primus?

Yes, Fx Primus is highly secured and safe to carry out your forex transaction. The platform is licensed by some other top countries’ CySEC and Stock Exchange Commissions.


The platform is safe to use.

Our research shows that one of the best forex brokers in town is Fx Primus. Fx Primus has been able to create an enabling environment for their users to trade in comfort by making their many in-app features easy to operate and use.

Lest I forget, the fees, securities and user interface of the platform are also top-notch when you compare it to that of their competitors. Therefore, the platform is highly recommended and reliable.

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